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We use the latest technologies to deploy our solutions. Windows 2000 and IIS 5.0 are highly available solutions from Microsoft. We support Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0 for all of our e-commerce and backend database needs. With windows 2000 advanced server clustering we can scale the solutions we develop into enterprise applications.

Internet Information Server 5.0....

Integration with Windows NT Server
Windows NT Server is a high-performance, reliable, secure, and easy-to-manage server for sharing information and running applications in the most demanding businesses. Only Windows NT Server can enlist integrated Web services to easily extend these strengths to your intranet.

bulletIIS provides the highest performance of any Web server on Windows NT Server and delivers superior price performance to comparable UNIX-based systems. In addition, the application services of Windows NT Server provide a reliable and scaleable platform for building and deploying Web-based applications.
bulletOnly IIS brings the security of Windows NT Server to your Web site, without additional configuration, to protect your information with the ease of a single user directory and the ability to log on to a network.
bulletWindows NT Server with IIS is the only solution that provides an integrated set of tools for running and managing all of your network, Web, and application services reducing training time for administrators.

Publish and share information easily
Innovative Web publishing features, customizable tools, and new wizard technologies unique to Internet Information Server 4.0, make Windows NT Server with IIS the easiest way to publish information and share it securely over corporate intranets and the Internet.

bulletEasily create professional-quality Web pages and publish entire sites, without knowing any HTML, by enlisting new wizards and templates.
bulletPublish information to the Web quickly and easily using a Web browser, the Web publishing wizard, or FTP.
bulletShare files and data on Windows NT, Novell NetWare and UNIX servers, and over 55 databases, including Microsoft SQL ServerTM, Oracle, and Sybase databases.
bulletSearch securely and easily for content in HTML and Microsoft Office document types, and multiple languages.

Build and run Web applications
Web applications can simplify business processes, such as expense reporting, benefits management, purchasing, inventory management, marketing, and sales. Only IIS 4.0 provides everything you need to deploy reliable, scalable Web applications on Windows NT Server to meet these business needs.

bulletProtect applications and Web sites from failure caused by misbehaving components or Web-applications on the server, by running them in separate memory spaces a feature known as process isolation.
bulletRapidly create scalable Web applications using built-in distributed application services that automatically scale to serve thousands of simultaneous users. Only Windows NT Server with IIS provides this built-in capability. Developers can now focus on the business solution rather than the complexities typically associated with server application development.
bulletDevelopers can use languages they already know to develop components and applications. And, they can do it faster than on any other platform with Active Server Pages, a language-neutral, compile-free scripting environment; a key advantage for Rapid Application Development.
bulletDevelopers familiar with desktop applications, written in any language, can now write and easily debug components and applications that run on the server.
bulletUse the integrated Java Virtual Machine to provide a reliable and high-performance environment for running Java components on the server with Active Server Pages.

Manage your Web sites
Powerful management tools in IIS 4.0 will help you easily set up Web sites, manage content, and analyze usage patterns to improve your site as it evolves. Customizable management tools, flexible administration options, and analysis tools, make Windows NT Server with IIS 4.0 the easiest Web server to manage.

bulletEnlist built-in wizards to step you through many common administrative tasks, such as creating a new Web site or virtual directory.
bulletOnly IIS provides a rich, integrated tool to manage all network, Web, and application services from a single window.
bulletPowerful new configuration capabilities let you set properties independently for each Web site, virtual directory, or file on the server.
bulletAutomate common management tasks across multiple servers, such as creating new Web sites and directories, by running administration scripts from the command line.
bulletEasily analyze log files to determine usage patterns and analyze Web site content with integrated analysis tools.

Microsoft BackOffice and Internet Explorer
As the only Web server that is a integrated with Windows NT Server, Windows NT Server with IIS provides the easiest way to bring the robust capabilities of the Microsoft BackOffice® suite of server applications to the Web. With IIS, you are uniquely able to take advantage of:

bulletPowerful Microsoft SQL Server database.
bulletWeb site life-cycle management capabilities of Microsoft Site Server.
bulletMessaging and groupware capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server.
bulletHost and data connectivity of Microsoft SNA Server. Combine BackOffice, Windows NT Server with IIS, and Microsoft Internet Explorer and you have an integrated client/server solution for sharing information and running business applications on corporate intranets and the Internet.

SQL Server 7.0....

Over the next several years, Internet-based commerce will undergo phenomenal growth. According to forecasts by independent research groups, e-commerce will garner more than $300 billion worth of transactions annually by the year 2002, up from $8 billion in 1997. To tap into this burgeoning market, organizations need fast, efficient, and highly-reliable systems. A critical component will be the database that stores product and customer information and interacts securely with online customers and existing business applications.

SQL Server is designed to offer the best features for deploying and maintaining powerful, easy-to-manage, commerce-enabled Web sites, either for business-to-business or business-to-consumer transactions. Today, customers like Dell Computer, 1-800-flowers, and Barnes & Noble are using SQL Server to conduct commerce on the Web. Learn more about customers building top e-commerce sites with SQL Server 7.0.

SQL Server 7.0 offers features that make it an even better component of a secure, reliable, tightly integrated commerce system. These features include:


bulletSeamless integration with Microsoft Windows NT® Server 4.0. SQL Server 7.0 takes advantage of the security of Windows NT Server, the Web application environment of Microsoft Internet Information Server (a built-in component of Windows NT Server), and the transactional support included in Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS).
bulletSeamless integration with Microsoft Site Server and Site Server Commerce. This integration provides a comprehensive solution for Web life-cycle management that makes it easy to enhance, deploy, and manage sophisticated intranet and Internet sites. (Please note that Site Server Service Pack 4 is required to integrate these products with SQL Server 7.0.)
bulletScalability. SQL Server 7.0 supports very large e-commerce storefronts and value chain integration databases. For more information, see the Microsoft Visual Studio Scalability Center Web site.
bulletEnhanced Web assistant. This assistant makes it easy to publish data on the Web and to provide support for multiple queries per page.
bulletDynamic data encryption. Encrypt data, including passwords and stored procedures, automatically.
bulletIntegration with Microsoft Proxy Server. SQL Server transactions, including replication, can pass through a secure proxy server.
bulletImproved Internet communications. SQL Server transactions are optimized for constrained bandwidth. Tabular data streams minimize round-trip traffic on the Internet, improving data performance while conserving bandwidth.

These and other powerful features make SQL Server 7.0 an ideal database platform for conducting e-commerce. SQL Server 7.0 offers the best price and performance of any Windows NT–based database on the market, and it's easy to deploy. It offers outstanding manageability, along with the reliability, scalability, and security necessary to maintain a dynamic Web commerce site that works well now and can grow to meet future demands. 

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