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WebSite Tonight is an Internet-based Web site creation program. With it, users of virtually any ability can create affordable Web sites. No programming skills or HTML knowledge needed; no software to download.




It's fast-moving and highly competitive on the World Wide Web. So when key domain indicators change, DomainAlert Pro services keep your customers in the know, 24/7.

Customers can select any of these 3 options:
  1. DomainAlert Pro/Monitoring: Now your customers can monitor vital changes to ANY domain owned by ANYONE at ANY registrar. We email any changes to Registrar, Status, Expiration Date, and/or Name Server within 24 hours. Customers can designate an additional email addresses for notifications and can maintain a history of monitored names in your "Manage My Account" section.


Web sites are vulnerable to unauthorized copying, even outright theft. For the violator, it's as simple as copy and paste. Worse, without actual federal copyright protection, a site owner's recourse is severely limited.

Federal copyright protection gives Web sites, software programs, and literary or scholarly works the greatest possible legal protection. With it, copyright violators are liable for attorney's fees, unlimited actual damages or statutory damages, and the forfeit of all profits resulting from infringement.

That's all there is to it. IdeaRegister is easy, effective, and a wonderful source of revenue. To activate this product, go to the extranet now.



Here's an exciting, cost-saving way to snap up some great .US and .BIZ domains. First, activate the .US and .BIZ promotion in the extranet. Then, just follow the instructions on the extranet homepage under "Quick Tips on Buying at the Discount Rate" for major domain savings.

You know the great reasons to sell .US and .BIZ names. Well, here are some great reasons to buy them, too:

A .US domain lets you:
  • Maintain a unique American identity on the Web.
  • Associate your name or business with powerful American values.
  • Instill pride in the home and workplace.
A .BIZ domain:
  • Tells customers, prospects, suppliers and all your important contacts that you are all about business.
  • Provides an extra level of security - no one can make changes to your site without your permission.
Go to your reseller extranet, activate the promotion and grab some great domains!



Leo Gonzalez became a Wild West Domains reseller early this year, but he's been in the industry since 1998. In his most recent position, Leo worked as chief technology officer for an international wireless Internet service company.

After the dotcom crash, Leo concentrated on providing hosting services, and sought an automated domain registration service that would provide incremental sales to his business.

The primary reason Leo selected Wild West Domains over the rest is our end-user support: As an industry profession, he had seen how all-consuming support issues could become. Leo wanted to "make small money on many sales and compete against Go Daddy." And, because he travels extensively, he wants to make that money while traveling or sleeping! Leo's marketing strategies are simple:
  1. Direct Sales Marketing: Leo says there are several organizations that work on flat fee/commission basis.
  2. Driving traffic by optimizing and submitting to key Internet search engines and directories. Leo is using our own Traffic Blazer.
  3. Using banner and pop-up advertising on his site.
Leo says Wild West Domains is a good way to make money with little investment. He's glad to pay a 25-percent revenue share because of all the things Wild West takes care of for him. And then there's the big benefit of having no worries about our excellent customer support.

Thank you, Leo, and continued good fortune to you and Intterneto!

Do you have any stories to share???
Email us at success@wildwestdomains.com


We've taken the guess-work out of domain transfers. Now there's a new report within "Reseller Reports" called "Pending Transfer Report." This lists all your current pending transfers and gives you at-a-glance information as to their status.

Here's a sample:


  1. Here's a handy way to get your customer's attention, when he or she is really focused: Add text, html, and/or a link on the order confirmation page. (This is the page your customers see after completing a purchase.)

    There are any number of messages you can put here: Give your customers a link on what to do next; advertise a different product; cross sell with a complementary offer. The important thing is to take advantage or this new capability - and test to find out what works best! This customization is located in the extranet under "Receipt Info Page".

  2. Now masking CAN be used in conjunction with domain forwarding, so your domain remains visible in the address bar. Instead of:

    http://www.secureserver.net/default.asp?prog_id=(your name here)

    you can mask the entire site with www.yournamehere.com. A bonus for you is to purchase masking through your reseller site because you can enter meta-tags with your masked domain. Adding meta-tags will help your listings with search engines.

  3. We have enhanced the customization of the support area. There are now three options:
    1. Let Wild West Domains handle initial support requests.
    2. Let you or your company handle all support requests.
    3. Let Wild West Domains handle all support except hosting support.
    This gives those resellers who have their own hosting companies the ability to offer first class hosting support.
Check out these new options in the extranet or in your store front!


You speak we listen... no matter how big or small... your suggestions count at Wild West Domains!

We work hard to make sure everything is simple, easy and understandable when you deal with Wild West Domains.

Many of you have asked for a separate log-in name from your URL. This is now available. Go the "Account Information" in "Reseller Settings" to reset your Log-in or URL. (screen shot below)

So, if you have a question, idea, comment, or complaint, tell us about it! Fact: most of the changes and better deals you enjoy were a direct result from your feedback!

Tell us what you think. Email us at resellersupport@wildwestdomains.com or give us a call (480-505-8857), anytime. Thanks!

Michael J. Zimmerman
General Manager
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