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Info Boxes

Info boxes may be duplicated. Go to Table/Select/Table, then Edit/Copy. Place your cursor where you want to put the new box and Edit/Paste. You should insert a line break between each new info box.

Cascading Style Sheets

This template uses a CSS style sheet to control the fonts, colour, and table/cell properties. If you have experience with CSS you may go into the external style sheet and make adjustments to the style. If you are inexperienced we suggest you give us a call and we can walk you through the change, or do it for you for a small fee. Or contact number is 604-536-9316.

Please note: Be sure to make a backup before you attempt any changes to the CSS, if you modify the style it is our policy to not support the template any longer. 

Goals are like stars; they are always there. 

Adversity is like the clouds; it is temporary and will move on.

Keep your eyes on the stars.

This FrontPage Template packages features:

- NO THEME, the colours links and other elements are controlled completely by the CSS style Sheet. 
- A unique, professional page layout design, used in the page template and web template pages. Clean design allows for easy integration of logos, with room for lots of great content.
- A web template which creates a 17 page web for you (including the read me page and a Newsletter Template). Instructions on how to use the web template and theme are included. For a list of most of the topics covered in the template click here.
- A page template which you may use to create new pages with instructions on modifying the layout. 
- Extra graphics for buttons and accents.

Some templates also include a Splash Home Page with or without animation. If Animation such as Swish, CoffeeCup, or AnimFX are includes within a template, instructions will be included as well.

About Themes, Page Templates,  and Web Templates

Microsoft FrontPage themes are collections of graphics, color information, and font information that can then be applied to a web page. The graphics for buttons, bullets, rules, and page backgrounds are defined. The colors and fonts for headings, buttons, text, hyperlinks, etc. are also defined.

Themes do not include the actual page design; they only define the elements that can be used in a page design. This is why we include page templates and web templates. Page templates provide a way for you to get the page layout design. When you use a page template, FrontPage creates a new page based on the page template's layout design. You may then save this new page into your web and edit the content.

Web templates are a collection of pages that predefine a web site, including a navigation structure. You may use a web template to create a FrontPage web, then change the navigation structure and content to fit your own needs. A web template is not essential to creating your own web -- if you have the page template, you may create a new one-page web and add pages to it using the page template. 

Where to Start?

If this font is not Verdana and navigation buttons only show up as text hyperlinks, you will need to apply the theme to your web. Go to Format/Theme and choose the theme associated with the template. Apply the theme to your whole web, with all of the checkboxes checked. 

You should preview this web in a browser and read through the pages before beginning to work on changing the content. Go to File/Preview in Browser and choose the browser you would like to use. This will help you to get an idea of what the web template will look like online, and you'll also get a lot of helpful information from our included tips, tricks, and instructions.

Next, look through the pages in this web template and decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to delete. Please note that you can also rename pages instead of deleting them and creating a new one. For example, you will probably want to delete the "Read Me" page!

After getting a good idea in your head of what you want the site structure to look like, go through the process of adding pages, deleting pages, and changing the navigation structure. (Learn more...)

Finally, change the content on your pages and publish your web!

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